Storm Is Coming

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Storm Is Coming.

Originally created in 2009, a short black and white adventure in a grassy valley.

Storm is coming and the rain is going to flood the valley unless you find help. There are three animals that can help you. Nothing is obvious but there are hints provided in the game if you get stuck.

Jan Strach
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i couldn't figure out how to

i couldn't figure out how to do anything with the bird, and i didn't see a river for a fish to be in, but i guess i won with the deer? intriguing thing, maybe a little too obtuse, but i'd be a hypocrite there

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Sit down under the tree, it

Sit down under the tree, it may take a few tries, but as soon as you succeed and open your book, the bird arrives. As for the river...well, there's gonna be rain, a lot of rain - enough for a fish to swim in!

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I love this. You made the

I love this. You made the game feel very lush, even with the totally black and white graphics. The little bugs flying around, as well as the leaves and birds and blowing grass are all great details. The only way I could figure out to win was with the deer. I figured out how to fly, but I couldn't figure out what to do after the water rose. Anyway, I still had a lot of fun with the game. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi fivehat! Thank you for

Hi fivehat! Thank you for all the kind words. After the water rises, splash about, I am not sure, 5 or 10 splashes should call the fish. Just be careful because if you are in its way while it emerges, it will swallow you at once. After that, feel free to land on its back.