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Glorious Wreckz Garden


Happy Birthday Glorious Trainwrecks! In this 'metagame' you can explore and experience a selection of 6 years of history of wrecks. (Some may call it game menu or game loader: well... it's more than that.) 2300+ games included!

How to start: unzip .exe file to your desktop, or any other convenient location. (Don't run from within the .zip file!)

What to do: Use keyboard or mouse to peek around. Select a game icon to download it, then again to play it. (Hold mouse button or ENTER slightly longer than usual to do this. There must be some challenge involved!) Enjoy your garden!

Challenges: If a chosen game doesn't start at all, it's probably a Klik 'n Play game (and you don't have the KNP DLLs installed?) or a 16-bit-Windows-7-unfriendly game. Your challenge is to make it work; I didn't figure it out yet... Some games have mysterious hidden icons... Some games have mysterious cryptic description text...

System requirements: Windows XP or 7 (or 8?), average decent graphics card, DirectX (at least version 9?), XNA 4.0 redistributables, .NET 4 redistributables

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Save the trains!!! Hahaha no don't.

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Pirate Kart 2
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