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Imported - Dumas Party - In Glorious HD!


Imported from Developer Diaries. Visit the link to download the game and see all old comments.

Original description:

Felt like making this, dunno why. About a hundred instances of El Loco Dumas (Yellow Runner) jog across your screen while pulsing up and down to upbeat music and a seizure-inducing background. Requires hardware-accelerated DirectX 8 and a screen resolution over 1280x800. If too many people are on cobweb-collecting antiques can't run the demo, guess I'll upload a less extravagant software-rendered version. Made using MMF2.

P.S. Hold Spacebar for more Dumas (over 500!).

Edit: Holy crap, the image is so wide that it breaks the layout. Oops.

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Using your mouse to play this game awesome through cyberpunk world with Medus the cyberpunk! Bounce ball and hit les blocks and get super hyper balls bonus option! Corner vaults bounce back ball! If ball stuck, press hard middle mouse times many!

Press right mouse to now launch ball!

Press and hold middle mouse to charge YOTTAKRIEG for power attack powerful! Will make you grin!


- Sex exciting blockout action!
- Many plays of fun!
- Get powerups powerful!
- Many balls!
- Cyberpunk avatar drops jaw at intervals random for reason none!
- Power attack powerful YOTTAKRIEG!
- Ball getting stuck!
- With middle mouse, ball getting unstuck!
- Sequenced music with samples WAV!

Edit: Is a parody of this.

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An event
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