Multicolour Alien Olympic - Two Player


"Grey Aliens playing some kind of game."

Turn-based sport game for two players.
You have a team of three aliens.
On your turn, a random alien on your team is selected. You have 3+1d6 moves.
Press LEFT and RIGHT to turn and UP to move forward.
Press DOWN to switch to another random alien on your team.
Push the ball into either goal to score a point.
Score 5 points to win.

edit: forgot to mention anywhere; WASD is mapped to same as arrow keys, so you can have one player use WASD other player use arrows, or alternate on the same whatever.

Michael Brough
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Two-Player Press-the-button to get more points!


Grab a friend and play the game no one's taking about! It's Two-player press-the-button to get more points!

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Danger Quad


An arcade-type game inspired by NS-Shaft, and possibly Gunstar Heroes.

As Fleetfoot Fuller, danger-face-laugher and gravity-obeyer extraordinaire, you must survive in the descending shaft of this perilous videogame temple! Drop from brick to brick, and keep your wits about you when gravity suddenly flips 90 degrees, sending you sideways!

There are two game modes - a one-player game with two difficulties, and a rushed two-player game where you can challenge a friend to play Carly the Snake Woman and see if they can outlast you! And there's only room on each brick for one player, so it pays to be swift and reckless.

Arrows - Fuller's controls.
WASD - Carly's controls.
Space - Switch gravity in two-player mode.

Leon Arnott
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shoot game legacy


a two-player game THAT REMEMBERS.

player one uses WASD to move and SHIFT to shoot.
player two uses ARROW KEYS to move and SPACE to shoot.
shoot the other player to win!

shoot when there's a bullet on the screen to turn your first bullet to a yellow wall.
shoot a yellow wall to turn it to a purple thing.
shoot a purple thing to turn it to mulch.

next game, purple things turn to yellow walls and walls turn to purple things or something! i don't remember exactly.


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I made a game about fighting other people in the desert with guns with only one bullet in each of your guns.

First Player to shoot the other wins. Fireworks give you your one bullet back.

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