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Episode 2 secret level replacement but if we don't get enough submissions I get dibs on the episode 1 secret slot (just don't change the name of my map plz). That means that whoever gets the map 1 slot is going to have to have the secret elevator edited in post jam.

I exported the map to just about every format that WDC allows just to be certain that it's compatible with as many editors as possible and I don't think that Wolfenstein cares about game versions so you could probably play it in any version that isn't a shareware release.

Can you comprehend the subliminal layout.

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Creepy Pasta


Playing around with the Wolf3D map editor turned out to be pretty fun. Whilst browsing tutorials for help and map ideas, I came across the concept of a deja vu room; a room that looks identical to one a player has already passed through.

I thought it would be a fun idea if there was a recurring room that got creepier every time the player passed through it. The gameplay experience (I hope) should be reminiscent of horror stories, or the internet variant called creepy pasta.

I anticipated that such a map layout could be quite boring to a player as it would require a linear route to the exit. To help counter the problem, I made the segments between each version of the creepy room full of side rooms and secrets that the player can explore.

Rob Gardner
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I felt there weren't enough games with zombies in them so I made a Wolfenstein 3D level that only uses zombies.

I'm actually quite proud of this one. I think the design is quite good and there is a little story going on but it may be hard to tell. There is a very elaborate secret area.

There are multiple difficulty levels, so try the first one if it's proving to be too hard.

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Could be Worse

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A bit of a "troll"/joke map here. But don't worry! It's very easy to complete. I just think it's amusing.

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