Twin Snakes

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Single player or Multiplayer!
It even plays itself!
Thanks to Nikki and Sergio for talking me out of having a violent image in this game!

Ben Costrell told me to make this game
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I love the style of this

I love the style of this game, and the game's primary mechanic feels really fresh and new.

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the mechanic is really

the mechanic is really clever & i really like the snake pics. it's hard to tell when you collide with someone if you're going to disappear or not though (like if they're hitting you from the front or the side)

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Nice twist. Kinda reminds me

Nice twist. Kinda reminds me of the game of life where when it spreads to wide it wraps around the edge and consumes itself.

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nice! it looks pretty, the

nice! it looks pretty, the way the space between things on the screen changes constantly. if that makes sense. flowy.
i like the endgame screens
PS what made you change your mind about the violent image?