Dinosaur Party


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so when you make a new game

so when you make a new game is it going to replace the other one or add to it?

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yeah, I thought about that. I think I'll just add to existing games and upload new ones as I go, but I'll only submit one "game" to this website. Kinda like how webcomics work now, but if they sometimes updated older strips

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Will all the games be part

Will all the games be part of the Dinosaur Party series, or is that just the name of the first one?

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Yeah, it's all dinosaur party

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i am my own boss

i like these! good format!

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ty! maybe I will use this format again for something soon

Love the sprites and colors!

Love the sprites and colors!

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idk how I didn't see this! ty, that means a lot :-)

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Now that I know how to play

Now that I know how to play these I'm enjoying them in succession.
Is your goal to use these to remember events? Or are you more interested in making something inspired by daily details?

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Thanks for playing! I guess I have several goals in making these. It's mostly I have always wanted to make something episodic. Making something half about remembering events and half inspired by daily details is just my way of easily making something episodic. I used to more seriously keep sketch books and I'd always fill out a certain amount of pages each day, and this is my game version of that.

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would this be better experienced as they come out or at once?? i'm always trying to play according to the authors' intentions..........

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as they come out

It may be a very very long time from now if you want to read them all at once. ;-)

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the lady and the tiger

this makes me want to kiss the computer screen

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I don't like to move my feet and contort, but I sure do like that phrase.

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I finally went through and

I finally went through and played every one of these in one sitting. An intense experience. There's something so good about short-form daily games.