Clone Fu

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A fighting game where if you punch another player you create a new clone of yourself. The winner is either the "last clone standing" or the team with the most clones at the end of the game.

You can customise matches too, i.e change the HP of each clone, change the maximum number of clones, play on one of 4 arenas, etc

Player 1:
Arrow Keys: move
comma: punch
period: special

Player 2:
WASD: move
G: punch
H: special

Player 3:
IJKL: move
O: punch
P: special

Player 4
Numpad: move
Numpad7: punch
Numpad9: special

Esc to pause/ quit on the main menu

You can combine moves with jumps and crouches and movement to get a whole bunch of other moves. It also works with up to 4 joypads cause I thought of everything

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Played this with my

Played this with my ten-year-old. I love how the obviously intended outcome is to give up and quit to the main menu in the middle of the match, because there is no way anyone will ever win by actually trying to win.

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It was interesting it turned

It was interesting it turned out that way, cause I wondered whether or not the central mechanic would work, and didn't know until I implemented it. Turns out you can never reduce your opponent's health faster than they can create clones, so you just get stuck at an equal level forever. That's why I added a timed mode which sort of makes it playable. I was originally keeping the main menu thing as a hidden easter egg, but eventually all the elements came together as such that I decided to lead people to click it by, eg. defaulting to the unwinnable Last Clone Standing mode