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This is the level created by Sergio Cornaga and Gliperal for Knytt Swapsies II. Sergio made the outdoors area, the house interior, and the basic mechanics, and I made the cave screens and secret areas. Because of the nature of what I attempted to create, this level ended up being quite monstrous in scope. As it stands, there are:

15447 lines in World.ini (that's more than Saving Thalanill, Cosmic Meltdown, and Cursed Gallery COMBINED)
45:1 screens to unique screens ratio (with 1055 screens, 23 of which are unique)
All done in 2 weeks (Sergio made his part super fast, so it still counts, right? :D)

As such, I definitely do not expect this thing to be bug free. I wanted to get it out in time for Swapsies, but I'll continue to tweak and amend the level.

That's all for now. Enjoy!

Sergio Cornaga & Gliperal
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