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Game File: 

draw string (100, 100), "Jumps! A game with 7 levels", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 120), "Left and right arrow keys move", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 132), "When you move, you will teleport to a random tile of equal value", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 144), "Get to the smiley with as few moves as possible", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 156), "Press key to start...", &HFFFFFFFF

In summary:
-Press the right arrow key to randomly go to one of the red tiles
-Press the left arrow key to randomly go to one of the blue tiles
-Get to the smiley in as few moves as possible
-Final score is shown after all 7 levels are played; it is 1000 - number of moves

Made For: 
Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)


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imaginary box art:

Tough game... It must have been fun to figure out how to design levels around these mechanics.

Here is some box art:

jumps.png66.97 KB