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This game... oh boy. It took me way longer than I thought it would. It's such a simple idea, but making a bunch of little pictures, no matter how ridiculous they were, and then hacking them apart and turning them "invisible" is so unbelievably time consuming. I feel TIRED after making this game. I feel RELIEVED that I am finished making this game.

However, I do feel that the main mechanic is pretty interesting and I'd like to see somebody far more talented than I put it to use in a different genre.

Basically, you crawl around on the ground until you see a pile of litter. You crawl over the litter so your head is directly above it, and hit space bar. This takes a "photo" - really dumps a screenshot to your clipboard. From there you open your favorite graphics program and paste the "photo", then "develop" it by using the fill tool, free select, rotate tools etc. until it is visible and all pieced back together. Is it even worth your time? Who knows?????

I tried to make the atmosphere a little strange, and I guess part of the reason I put so much time in it is that "go around a screen until you find something and see what it looks like" is a little too thematically similar to my other game Bileview and I wanted to make it a bit more mechanically different than that.

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This is definitely an

This is definitely an awesome mechanic. It reminds me of the most obtuse secrets in games like Yume Nikki, somehow... Wasn't there another game that put some secret onto your clipboard? I didn't get terribly far, I'll admit. I put together two of the puzzles, but the other ones were beyond me, but I really liked how the secrets of the game spilled well outside of it. I'd love to see a version of this with more back and forth- copied image puzzles that give clues back into the game that you use to progress, or even just a narrative that builds, like archaeology. Maybe that's already here and I didn't give it enough reading. Also, the "music" is very eerie. I jumped right into the game without reading the description or readme, and bumbled around in the zone for a while, and it was very pretty satisfying on its own.

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Thank you! I agree that a game where the assembled puzzles fed back into the main game would be very cool. It's funny that you brought up archaeology, because on the game's Itch page I mention that this mechanic could work really well in an archaeology sim. I might revisit this mechanic someday, because I continue to have new ideas for it. We'll see. I just had to call this version finished because I wanted to be able to work on other stuff. Haha. I'm glad you liked the game map as well, it was actually supposed to be just a regular city street at first but I wanted to make it a little more interesting looking.

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I played some of this today

I played some of this today and enjoyed it.