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Definitively finished June 16th 2018, which feels crazy long ago because back then I had no idea we were plural and understood nothing about trans rights.

This is a tutorial set to the game Chip's Challenge, with all hints and level titles written in the Rosetta language. This was both a practice of non-verbal tutorials and CC level-making in general. Should work with a legitimate copy of Chip's Challenge, but can also be played with the emulator Tile World 2. Works in both the Lynx and Microsoft rulesets.

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I love the choice of medium

I love the choice of medium here for a rosetta stone game, and your goals with it! unfortunately I had to quit at level 2... the pink balls are just tough for me. I've never been good at the action element of chip's challenge. could you share the level passwords so I can see more of the game? - nikki

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sure: 1. unsi - KVNZ 2.

1. unsi - KVNZ
2. blahuro - BQXQ
3. zani - HDQX
4. busi - XFPJ
5. zanistako - OUTB
6. hu - LDQP
i'll post the almost-complete solution gif ncr put in #rosetta-stone here also

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thank you! that helps a lot.

thank you! that helps a lot. my thoughts on the rest of the levels:

#3 - the timing of opening the gates is so brutal... otherwise neat1
#4 - I liked this! straightforward but still requires some thinking to prevent getting stuck.
#5 - my favourite level, the different approaches to counter-intuitive puzzle sections is nice. that said, I did not even try twice with the parts with the ants. the timing is too tight for me.
#6 - a nice way to end the set :) if only I could tell what the farewell message is...

also I looked at the gif (I wish I could pause and resume it !), and I can't believe I forgot that keys stack... a big part of my frustration in level was I kept going back to the doors at the end with a red key every time I picked it up. perhaps I've been so used to playing zzt lately that I assume every game works like zzt, with only one of each type of key being held at once...

- nikki

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almost full solution gif

almost full solution gif recorded by ncrecc way back when. stops partway through level 5 (of 6)

- luv

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Sometimes I'd stop and try

Sometimes I'd stop and try to read the messages, in the hopes that it would help me solve the puzzle...