Grenade Pong

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DISCLAIMER: This took four hours to make, which is inexcusable. The only consolation in this is that it's a much higher quality game than I normally turn in.

My original idea was to make some kind of EXTREME TENNIS game where the ball was a grenade and the players were carrying machine guns, but because I couldn't be bothered to put in a net or introduce bounce physics and stuff I ended up making GRENADE PONG instead.

Each player is equipped with a gun and a forcefield. Like Pong, the aim of the game is to bat the grenade off the opposite side of the screen. Unlike pong, you can only deflect the ball when your forcefield is activated, and your forcefield only stays active for about 1/3rd of a second each time you use it (and takes just over 1 second to recharge). If you touch the bomb while your forcefield is inactive, you lose instantly.

But wait - there's more! You can't move and fire. Your characters will automatically aim towards each other, but while you hold down the Fire key you will be able to adjust your aim by pressing your move up/move down keys. Bullets will not kill you, but will hinder your movement around the court - your forcefield will not protect you from this! Bullets do not affect the bomb in any way.


Player 1: WASD to move, G to shoot, Y to use forcefield

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, Page Down to shoot, Page Up to use forcefield

You only play one round at a time and the game will automatically return to the title screen after each round.

Windows only; made in Game Maker 7; .zip includes GM7 file.

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This seems really nice.

This seems really nice. Hopefully I can find someone to play it with.