I CHEATED, Just to Make KotMK #50 MORE EPIC!!!

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One day I created a failed Klik of the Month Klub entry. I scrapped it, never to see the light of day again... until today, where I release it half-intact as a small portion of this epic game!

Playtest entry #49, then throw it away! Fend off spambot attacks! Settle down and create your epic masterpiece for #50 with a little "inspiration" from classic Trainwreckers! Travel to space at least THREE TIMES! Fight epic bosses that pose no threat to you! Get down with some nerd rave! Do all this and MORE, all because I CHEATED, just to make Klik of the Month Klub #50 MORE EPIC!

The different portions of the game are either controlled by the keyboard or the mouse. If the keyboard doesn't seem to do anything, try using the mouse!

Sound levels vary from portion to portion. Always prepare for the sounds to get a little loud, I.E. you may not want to play this using headphones.

Oh yeah, Shift is the default fire/jump/whatever key.

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This is amazing.

This is amazing.

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Gundam Theme Song Zone

This is all kinds of wonderful.

All the kinds.

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There are ways of

There are ways of complaining about the spam filter that take far less time and effort, you know.

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But then the game wouldn't

But then the game wouldn't have a storyline! That portion of the game was less about trying to make a statement, and more about satire than anything, really.

I sort of realize that I blew things way out of proportion. Much of this was to comedic effect, as well as having, you know, a storyline. Just remember that I was also making fun of myself in the process (wanting the antispam block removed immediately, etc. etc.).

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I totally looked into the

I totally looked into the spam logs after playing this and saw legitimate posts getting thrown away, though, so mission accomplished!

Also I totally loved this.

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Lots of ideas in here

Lots of ideas in here. Changing the built-in player control every few seconds was interestingly disorienting. Ceiling flipping with bees was nearly impossible. I'm a little disappointed there wasn't a STRONG MAN level.

And um...

I swear my next scrolling system blows the other ones away like you have no idea it totally works this time.

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The ceiling flipping bit is

The ceiling flipping bit is totally stolen from Air/Sea Giraffe, from the first Pirate Kart. MY IDEA I DID IT FIRST AND BETTER

Actually it's interesting how many of my good ideas are from games I did years ago instead of the non-game jokey crap I do now :/

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Your ideas are still good,

Your ideas are still good, but I think you churn them out more easily when you use Klik & Play. Not to say that your Construct trainwrecks aren't good (I thought the one you did for this KotMK was pretty silly). I think Klik & Play is a bit more "ready to use" than Construct simply by its nature.

I also think I mainly spoofed your Pirate Kart I games out of nostalgia.

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Air/Sea Giraffe

Man Air/Sea Giraffe was your best game ever @_@

You should make more like that.

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The control switching thing

The control switching thing was based off of this and this except taken to an extreme. Switching movement systems is actually a feature that comes with MMF2 - you define one or more movements and you can switch between them at any time through the use of events. I actually used it in a few other places as well (Mavis' head switching from Path to Bouncing Ball). I suspect Clickteam added it in for stuff like Platform Movement objects switching to Paths and back without having to create/destroy secondary objects. Early Sonic fangames did this sort of thing a lot in order to EG. fake loop movement.

STRONG MAN wasn't in this because I could only have four slots due to time constraints, and I chose Thunder Dragon Man for the fourth slot because I had recently gone on a nostalgic Thunder Dragon gaming binge (fun fact: Gundam Theme Song Zone is inspired by the fact that his Web 1.0 site, Bowser Technologies, used an embedded MIDI of Just Communication). I'd actually like to see how many other styles I can copy (or at least try to), so I may consider it in the future.

About scrolling: I once made a KnP scrolling engine around the age of roughly 12 years (I think). Many years later, I reused the same engine to create this, my third game for this site. It's clearly rough around the edges, and its code is sloppy and there are a few mistakes and unnecessary things in there (such as using alterable values to store initial coordinates when that isn't even necessary). It also breaks with non-player objects using built-in movement - you can see a lazy hack I made to get the Space Viking's shots to scroll vertically, and in hindsight I should have propagated that improvement to the rest of the engine, but oh well. It also couldn't handle going left or going too far up after going down due to automatic object deletion. On the bright side, it is lean in terms of number of events used, and a simple and elegant method of doing scrolling. It's also relatively smooth save for the occasional pop-up glitches and wall climbing exploit (which I made fun of in I Cheated, so yes, that portion of the game is also me making fun of myself).

Still, it's heaps better than the scrolling in Sonic: The Fast Revelation, which I consider to be the worst implementation of scrolling in Klik & Play ever. Go and open the game and look in the Event Editor. He literally created hundreds of events to describe every possible movement direction and player state and created special cases just for each of these, for absolutely no reason, and it only made the movement act wonky during scrolling.

I had been meaning to create a better scrolling engine, but I tinkered around with Klik & Play for a bit and then sort of lost interest. At this point I'm feeling like I should just let you do it. If you can manage to get smooth, four-way scrolling that is friendly with the built-in movements (and have it lean enough that gameplay stuff won't go over the invisible event limit), then you will be totally awesome.

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Snapman Man

I love the Snapman Man stage. Maybe I will make a Castlevania XI with jagged scrolling.

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i dont even know what to say

this is just mind blowing and i cant believe i even managed to beat it. in a lot of situations i was like FFFF. this trainwreck is certainly a glorious one and i was impressed how long it is.

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That was amazing.

I love this so much,it feels like an ACTUAL game!
It's funny,well developed,and it has a funny and clever story.

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Where is the download??

Where is the download?? D:

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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It looks like Dattorz took

It looks like Dattorz took the link down in May. I'm guessing he feels negatively towards this game now, though I still admire it.

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Yeah, pretty much. I think

Yeah, pretty much. I think this is one of those games where the idea was way better in my head, but turned out to be awful in practice.

Reasons why I hate this game so much:

- It uses self-insertion. Self-insertion is horrible because it is often used as a way for the author to project their ideals into the universe and throw their weight around where it's clearly not needed or desired. Everything that is awful about egotism is present in self-insertion.
- The plot is lousy. Glorious Trainwrecks is an awesome site where users tend to get along pretty well. The only really antagonistic thing you can pull from this site is the amount of spam we get, and that sort of translates into a rather boring storyline. Mix this with the self-insertion described above and you get double UGH.
- A substantial portion of this game has me "riffing" on other Trainwreckers and I think it sort of came out way more negative and critical than I had originally intended. The games themselves aren't even that interesting. Six's segment is probably the worst of the lot.
- The jokes are rather lousy in general.
- My voice.

If you still really, really want to play this game, it's available here: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/files/ICheated-112-rev1.zip

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SergioCornaga gave me the

SergioCornaga gave me the link before and i played it fully, but the last level was hard, i tried collecting all chips but hazards keep touching me!

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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The chips are an optional

The chips are an optional thing that reward you with an easter egg.

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That's what i have been

That's what i have been trying to get that!

Both 3 characters shown on my avatar are copyright Black Squirrel, Jonny Smeby and Nintendo.

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Maaan, I still think

Maaan, I still think Snapman-man's level is the funniest thing, just the most perfect ludic joke. I'm reading my old comments on this and I realizing that I come across as grumpy about it, which couldn't be further from what I actually felt - this game totally blew me away.