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Escape from the Pachinko on the Oregon Trail


You are on the Oregon Trail!
Only problem, instead of Dysentery, you have to WORRY ABOUT A PACHINKO BALL.

Use the arrow keys to move.

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I CHEATED, Just to Make KotMK #50 MORE EPIC!!!


One day I created a failed Klik of the Month Klub entry. I scrapped it, never to see the light of day again... until today, where I release it half-intact as a small portion of this epic game!

Playtest entry #49, then throw it away! Fend off spambot attacks! Settle down and create your epic masterpiece for #50 with a little "inspiration" from classic Trainwreckers! Travel to space at least THREE TIMES! Fight epic bosses that pose no threat to you! Get down with some nerd rave! Do all this and MORE, all because I CHEATED, just to make Klik of the Month Klub #50 MORE EPIC!

The different portions of the game are either controlled by the keyboard or the mouse. If the keyboard doesn't seem to do anything, try using the mouse!

Sound levels vary from portion to portion. Always prepare for the sounds to get a little loud, I.E. you may not want to play this using headphones.

Oh yeah, Shift is the default fire/jump/whatever key.

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the haunted mouse


a game about cheating at the pokewalker

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