Gavin on Mars

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'A monkey named Gavin has to ride a horse or a unicorn into a castle. Gavin lives on Mars and wears a crown. He is playing games and stuff in the castle. The name of the game is "Gavin on Mars." (Courtesy Eric, age 4)'

A Kickstarter request. I tried to keep the difficulty down in the hope that Eric might play it. There's a wee dedication to him if you press the 'E' key on the last screen.

Gavin on Mars: Eric Expansion Pack
Eric, and SpindleyQ, have since expanded on the game, which you can get here:

Rylie James Thomas
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Eric says, "Thank you blah

Eric says, "Thank you blah blah blah blah blah wwaaah waaah aaaahh thank you. Ha ha ha ha laa laa laa laa. And that's it."

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I'll have to get marketing to add

I'll have to get marketing to add that quote to the box.

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I opened it up in Klik &

I opened it up in Klik & Play for him, and he pointed at the fake "More..." frame in the storyboard editor and said "Click on more!" So we've started working on an expansion pack, in which a gorilla shoots helicopters and people run away when Al The Alien pinches them with his claws.

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This is the best thing.

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Creating games based on

Creating games based on children's ideas should be a regular thing in this industry.

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Yeah. I was surprised no one

Yeah. I was surprised no one jumped on the idea as soon as the kickstarter suggestions went up. It'd still be great to see another version(s).

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Brilliant. I can't wait to

Brilliant. I can't wait to play that!