Control a Martian Exploration Rover to discover traces of water, maybe even life on Mars!

Arrows/WASD move the Rover. Shadows deplete solar power faster, recharge in sunlight.

Watch out for the sandstorm as dust slowly covers the Rover's image sensors!

Hans Nelson
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Gavin on Mars

gavin on mars.jpg

'A monkey named Gavin has to ride a horse or a unicorn into a castle. Gavin lives on Mars and wears a crown. He is playing games and stuff in the castle. The name of the game is "Gavin on Mars." (Courtesy Eric, age 4)'

A Kickstarter request. I tried to keep the difficulty down in the hope that Eric might play it. There's a wee dedication to him if you press the 'E' key on the last screen.

Gavin on Mars: Eric Expansion Pack
Eric, and SpindleyQ, have since expanded on the game, which you can get here:

Rylie James Thomas
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