Bulb Boy Infinity

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With literally 4 minutes left of GDC Play, here it is, my 25th and (I think) last submission to the Pirate Kart.

This is a sequel to my previous game, The Adventures of Bulb Boy, and this game might make more immediate sense if you've played that one. Instead of clearing levels, in this one, you're killing as many enemies as you can before you die yourself.

X: Jump
Z: Raise wand to attract electricy
C: Switch on and off coils

John D. Moore
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I think this is a step down

I think this is a step down from the designed individual challenges of the first Bulb Boy. I tended to stay in one spot (the bank just to the right of Bulb Boy's position in the screenshot) without adjusting the lights, killing bugs at leisure because they got stuck behind walls, while rats piled up in the left bank. It didn't seem like I was going to die any time soon. I hope this isn't the end of the Bulb Boy series, though.

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Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! It's a decided step down from Bulb Boy, and a pretty shameful sequel for that as well. I pumped it out super-quick at the last second and I think it was the last game played at the GT booth at GDC Play (I watched SpindleyQ play it on the livestream IIRC) to bring me up to a neat 25 games for that Kart.

I keep meaning to make another Bulb Boy game, possibly a multiplayer arena thing. I wanna work with this mechanic again. Trying to come up with thoughtful puzzles for it is pretty taxing, though.

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I find designing puzzles

I find designing puzzles really hard too, and I still haven't worked out if there's a 'proper' way to do it. I just add and move elements around, playtesting constantly to see if what I've made is impossible or not. For instance if I make something that's too easy, I remove a block and see if it's still solvable, that sort of thing (repeat over and over again). I figure designers like Draknek and increpare must have a better approach, or their various incredibly thoughtful puzzle games would probably take decades to create.