Pest Control in Space

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My first (last?) Batari Basic game.

You are Harry the Space Bug Exterminator. You know how to exterminate just about any intergalactic pest. You even have your own custom space ship for clearing out some of the more... problematic infestations, and no hive is too big for you to handle. Maybe.

Seems like the New Horizons Space Life Megacorporation just hired you to take a look at their bug problem. They claim that space station residents are mysteriously disappearing, and they suspect it has something to do with that giant space wasp nest that's been forming around the exterior. You don't like the look of it, but somebody's gotta try and take care of it.


- You can destroy the hive and bees more quickly the closer you get to them, but if you don't leave yourself at least some distance you'll put yourself in great danger.
- Don't try to fly to the right of any bees unless there's an emergency. Once they notice that they've passed you they will try to ram into you.
- Clearing out individual rows of the hive will make the bee spawn location more predictable. Use this to your advantage.

You'll probably want Stella to play this on. Or I guess you could get it running on a real Atari 2600.

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All these whippersnappers and their batari basic!!!
back in my day it was all assembly! And we liked it!!!

(well, not really, which is why for a while I hosted the proto-form of the batari basic homepage. BUT STILL)

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I was WAITING for you to

I was WAITING for you to show up

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This is pretty cool! I

This is pretty cool! I really like how you shoot so much faster when you're near the hive. Also impressed by your intro sequence.

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Hah, ya see? I WAS right

Hah, ya see? I WAS right about it not looking stupid with only one Bug on the screen. Besides, it would be overkill if there was more than 1.
It would be nice though if that limitation you mentioned did allow more than 1 enemy for games that aren't this. Didn't you mention you had to turn on some sort of "Mirroring' function or something like that to have more than 1 enemy?

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High score after a few

High score after a few tries: 4288

This is really solid. I like how destroying rows of the hive gives you a bit of control over how the bee spawns, and how it's possible (if a bit difficult) to dodge the bee when it gets to the edge of the screen.

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Recorded a playthrough up to

Recorded a playthrough up to level 5: