The Cat's Misadventurous Adventure

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This was my first game when i was on Windows Vista and started to use Klik n Play. You guide the cat into the Moon mens as walls and avoid the devil faces, when the cat dies, it emits a wolf sound.

Old description:

This is a stupid game i made for no reason, it consists a cat's stupid adventure.
Arrow keys - move your cat
Fire 2 - jump!!!!1
G - Restart the fuckin' level

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An event


Well I dunno

I mean, just look at it.. The levels are all brutal.. I died a lot... or alot.. I'll stick with alot as in I'm so suspended in a field of suspsence I lack the space bar knowledge of alot. I went through a lot of levels until I got to one that just looked tuff and Couldn't respawn with R... Maybe it was the end? I dunno. I don't think it was stupid thugh. I think it is your right to decide what it is but to remember that it could be anything you want it to.