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From the mind of somebody who misread a licence plate and decided to make a game based off of the resulting title, comes....


Q: Just WHO did all the mind-blowing soundtracks for this game?

Q: What IS a ghost mump?

Q: How CAN I find and harness the power of a ghost mump?

Q: Can YOU win the Goblet of Grrggaarr before the year 2015??

Q: Just HOW do I skip a significant portion of the game because of that one level (Level 6) that randomly glitches and becomes an awful sludgy mess to play for no good reason?


**Actually for the last one, should Level 6 break for you, close and re-open the game, and under the Game menu, enter the password "itbroke" to skip to Level 6 (with a minor score penalty). And for the first one, the music is by "S"!

GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 1 is an action packed platformer to no end (it can be replayed infinity times!). It features 10 intense (after the tutorial I guess) levels that will keep you up at night trying to figure out!

Keep your eyeballs stuck to this screen for the upcoming exciting GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 2: THE THIEVES OF GHASTLY GHOST MUMP MUCK SWAMP MANSION!

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An event


Consistent gameplay?

This really expands the horizons of stuff I've seen you dish out. The tracks provided by your collaborator were short at times and loopy but the way they were executed magnified what was going on, the way it progressed/remixed was quite pleasant, but like really you had to be there. Those who are reading it and haven't, it's definitely a well recommended journey, like putting a plastic bag on your shoe to avoid the outdoor elements from digesting your kicks, but how are you gonna cruise otherwise?

But back on the subject continuity is solid here without keeping too much of it. It reminds me of one of adrian09_01's games in the way the music progresses, but in a different way. It also is sort of like I don't know if people are aware of the modern pirates or monkey island 2 game where you walk around and the music morphs from one sound to another depending on where you are. I keep thinking how cool it'd be to make something that has an effect like this, and both mno's collaborator and adrian09_01 have pulled off something I am quite happy with .

From the front cover art to the back cover endorsements, what you get is beyond what's seen in the plugs. Doing your own plugs is a feature..

But yeah, play it a couple times, sleep it off a bit, you might want to come back, but words of one who's replayed it about 3 times, level 5 and 6 are tough as nails but it's worth the effort to pass them.. Might want to ctrl alt delete and right click Set Affinity the exe if you're getting sound lag on that level, but if you're checking out the game on this site hopefully everyone knows about the multiple core bug in tgf1, but if you're having issues you should leave a note somewhere in here.

I'd welcome a sequel and the description is plugging it. That's a bold move already announcing it and I'd feel obligated to enjoy a sequel too if provided one. Very wonderful formula in this, and not to spoil the continuity but it's a very bold move of mno and is executed very well, and not done in a strict gameplay limiting manner either. It feels open and welcoming like a welcome mat.. Do check it out while it's available here!

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BC thank you very much, once

BC thank you very much, once again, for your touching, poetic, essay review.

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I like your game

It is nice

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Thank you! I am glad you

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :)

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I seem to have found a

I seem to have found a secret shortcut in level 4 on my first try.

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Shhh! ;) I'll just say it's

Shhh! ;) I'll just say it's unpredictable...

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Managed 1535 on this, neat

Managed 1535 on this, neat game! Really comes together as an interesting concept.

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That's a really good time!!

That's a really good time!! I think that's better than my own? Thanks for play ! I still find the whole conception of it funny.

Good game

hmm long this not try this genre games, I should I try this one I guess.