Spooky Scary Skeletons

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Who knew skeletons were so easily scared?

Recommended background music for extra spookiness: http://www.youtuberepeater.com/watch?v=x-agNTzk0a0

(I apologize for the dull level design. didn't have enough time and thinking up fun and interesting puzzles under pressure is harddd...)

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That's a super cute ghost! I

That's a super cute ghost! I liked the (bone?) pulling mechanic, was briefly stumped on the level with two skeletons in the bottom-left corner until I realized how it works.

(You can include the music directly in the game with the youtube tag: http://www.puzzlescript.net/documentation/prelude.html)

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Thank you! :3 Yeah, that's

Thank you! :3 Yeah, that's supposed to be a bone, haha. Hard to pixel certain things since the sprites are so itty bitty tiny, 5 by 5 pixels is really not much to work with. But at the same time I love that restriction and how ambiguous some sprites turn out, always loved that about older games how it's up to the player to interpret exactly what a sprite's supposed to be.

Ah, thanks! Think I'd rather leave the music as an option though, since puzzlescript doesn't have a mute button/option right now, and I couldn't get the music to loop perfectly. (though that's probably just me doing something wrong, hmm)

Starting to get the hang of this puzzlescript thingy so maybe I'll dare attempt something a bit more ambitious next time.

Thanks for playing!

Nice polite ghost

i like how skeletons scare each other

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yeah, silly skeletons!

yeah, silly skeletons! you're supposed to be scaring people, not each other

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the comment~

Hey, very nice game. As

Hey, very nice game. As others have said already, nice mechanics w/ the skeletons being scared of each other and the pull mechanic!


it's like you look at it, and if you're in the right mindset.. it could be deemed as very scary. Just look at how mystifying it can be.. those skeletons are scary as expletive, but they can be pushed like blocks just like our fragile mortal minds can be, and that's the message the author is portrying to us.. I'm not gonna backspace that typo. I don't know how anyone else would portry that. I know I can't, but it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.