Psychic Sweet Treats

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I made something! It's mostly unplayable but full of heart! Kinda!

Use the arrow keys to move, press the left mouse button to paralyse enemies with the power of your mind, then click and drag their lifeless bodies so you can climb your way to the top!

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Hello person from my

Hello person from my city.

It wasn't unplayable. Perhaps too playable, because I hopped on a melon and rode it all the way to the top. Keeping my balance on there and my mouse hand steady was a fun mechanical thing, which could work in something Metroidy, I think.

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Oh wow, I wasn't expecting

Oh wow, I wasn't expecting to find any locals on here! And you make interesting stuff to boot. I'll be keeping an eye on your work for sure!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm thinking I might try to expand this idea and see where it goes.

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Thanks. I look forward to

Thanks. I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

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Had the same experience.

Had the same experience. Just wanted to say I love the player sprite.

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I find all of the pixel art

I find all of the pixel art in this game super clean and cute! I made it to the top too, but my methods were equally dubious.

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Cute platformer experiment

Sometimes, near the top, clicking on a foodstuff worked right, which was handy for when I got knocked off! Other than what Rylie said, in which I agree that it can be a bit tooo easy to swing straight up, I found sometimes I would have to jump to a platform to make sure that if a fruit bumped into me, I wouldn't drop all the way to the bottom.

I found it interesting that, as far as I could figure out, there is no actual ending when you get to the top. Very mysterious, gives a lot of thought to 'why am I performing these amazing mental abilities to get to the top of a mostly empty space?'
[no spoilers from here on]

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Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! The ending is that way mostly because I didn't have time to wrap things up properly, haha, though I ended up liking how it it brings to light the inanity of what you're doing. I wanted to have a voice clip of the eyes asking "what exactly did you expect to find up here?" but Stencyl keeps rejecting my sound files.

I actually figured out the corpse-spawning problem and they now work as they should, with extra spinning. The spinning seems to make the fruit harder to just hitch a ride on, too. I feel like bug-fixing might go against the spirit of Klik of the Month, though, so if it's a problem I'll remove my game from the event!

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Hmm, I think I like the

Hmm, I think I like the soundless ending better! Sometimes issues with programs make happy accidents :)

Also about bug-fixing, nahh, not much is against the spirit of Glorious Trainwrecks!

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Bug report: You can make the

Bug report: You can make the browser tab lock up by dragging a banana into a square wall. I'm guessing Stencyl is somehow running into an infinite loop trying to resolve collisions?

Being able to jump on a platform and move anywhere is a pretty common exploit in games that let you move objects freely (Trine used to have a bug that let you fly on a box as the Wizard). Perhaps you can tweak the collision to not allow an object to move upward if there is something sitting on top? Or perhaps you'd like to leave the exploit in the game?

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I felt like that was the point of the game

or at least, an incidental point! It'd get tiresome to create platforms ALL the way to the top... but some people might try it a little. Like that annoying puzzle in Half-Liff 2 where you have to put a bunch of bricks on a see-saw. instead, you can pile up all the bricks on a wall and climb up that way. or stop playing an overrated filmic game

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That game had a speedrun

That game had a speedrun involving riding on flying paintcans and wooden debris, didn't it?

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IIRC that was a tool-assisted speedrun? Dude used a macro to constantly hit the spacebar (jump) key to do that.