I did a playthrough of this game . If the first couple minutes appeal to you then naturally you're welcome to check out the rest in the link included in the description. I'm not gonna playlist the person into the second video. That's their option! I'm also adding the transcript of the 2013 Winter pageant to the attachments. Later on I might include images of the items + descriptions in the attachments as well. If I do, obviously there will be some spoilers involved. Maybe I'll include the unused items? I dunno.

I am thinking of pushing a visual novel kind of event some day and if I do I'll have to make sure depite the confusion, this has a centerpiece.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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Grondy is my favourite

(Is that his name?) He's the guy who always said, "Is it here? Or here? Or here?!?!"

Funny stuff, for certain. And the first time I'd seen anything in BASS. Your project must have taken a lot of time... Nice work!

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thanks for repping the bass novels

I like the item descriptions that get eclipsed by the talky bar... and the long moments of silence where people just shift position.

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Can't wait for more games

Can't wait for more games that are made with engines that have been disconnected, brand-new or unknown.

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