Xmas Turbo Street Fighter 19A6 (for ghettoshamrock)

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in the future of the past the uploaded consciousnesses of two long-dead world warriors fight for processor cycles inside some sort of christmas computer program???

arrow keys to move
wasd to aim
space to attack

updated to (hopefully) make things quicker and more challenging. my inclination is to keep tweaking this forever. (i hope you enjoy!)

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An event



I'm becoming better at it, but it's definitely tough. I'll hold off from sharing my tips for successful battling and spoiling any beginner's experience with this...

Lots of fun! And very cool that you released it for so many platforms.

this is really charming

this is really charming

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control trouble

I like the look of this but I can't figure out how to attack. My space bar doesn't do anything, but all the other keys work. I'm using windows booted on a macbook if that helps at all.

Yo this is D as E

When I see this exist and stuff, beats drop. I hope they're allowable and stuff. They course through veins and can't stop. It's enigmatic and brings uhh soup with lots of bits in it. Like a captain in the citric ranch where livestock resemble their favorite fruits without having to become fruit cakes because they have the potential to be so much more.

I will get round to checking that stuff out but it'd be a breach to view it before finishing my endeavors. I'm aiming for christmas morning n stuff, but this could happen any day as I resist the temptation to check out something so festive and expletive. It's a sight to behold.

Wow what an ambitious trend

And an ambitious entry. I think with my entry I'll do the same, the whole minor tweaking thing. Sheesh, look at that. My lowest is 15,900. I was spending this whole time playing over and over again trying to find the hidden meaning behind it. I think that was the whole point of saying it.

Nowhere did I mention I was looking for a rotoscope or swanky visual effects, but it's like I wished it in my head but didn't want to tell anyone because it's about making things simple enough to want to make it. What a challenge Ryu is. Almost paired evenly except player controls are a little better at dodging so you don't get a massive beating like you can deliver. He really loves those flakes and that's probably why he has an advantage aside from originally being a boss and all.

But yeah, it's almost like things are going so fast you don't really get a good glimpse of their expressive characteristics... I can't think of something to say at this part because I was thinking a tweak on maybe the winner's animation, but that ... freeze at the end with the winner is priceless too.

It's a good spot because you're at a place where whatever direction goes it's approved because there's already so much here it's like an overdose. You can get lost in both of their beautiful expressions, just look in their eyes. And I'm aware of the patch, even then you can see them both.

I wanted to try to capture that but I just ended up bitmap tracing one of them and trying to make an animation that captures it. I don't know if it's the best way of saying thank you but yeah I'm gonna attach them. Anyway yeah if your other stuff has close to this caliber then I've been missing the missed out!

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Ooh this is fun! Very

Ooh this is fun! Very colourful... I always knew eating lots of candy canes would help me win battles.