F#cking Carnivore: Long Night on Meat Highway, no Cop Cars to be Found, my Friend.

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852 This isnt in the game sorry everyone.JPG



Twine Game made in tired haze.

Drug content, vaguely sexual in concept.

Gonzo Twine.

Font Used: http://www.1001fonts.com/1980-portable-font.html

Made For: 
An event


Finally we can at least ask

about that track.. It's like no walsh, think about what you're doing before it's too late. You can get another billboard hot 100. You don't need that riff. It's too dangerous. look out!

Nice user input at the beginning and the colour scheme is quite complimentary. I'll have to play this again later to get the drift in it.

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Suit yourself, the weather is fire.

Yeah, Hotel California is a boring song, but I guess I'd dance anyways.

Oh yeah, I should attach a commemorative picture

that's unrelated to replying to this message, but Yeah, here goes.. Enjoy. Hopefully it's not too hAWT g for everyone, but that's left or interpretation I guess. CHeers and chairs!

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is this art based on my

is this art based on my twine? I am so honored!