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WARNING: Though this game does not contain any gore, blood, or nudity there are some some extreme themes of violence and sex.

This is a fictionalized representation of The Battle of Puebla between the French and Mexico.

James is the horse described on the title screen.

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An event


Another retro released game

I'm surprised with the great sprite work of the horse in this one. It's just so detailed all the angles and I don't think I've noticed the level of detail before. I also found myself lost on how to ignite the barrels or what to do for the most part and that was fun. The first interactive board was lot of fun, and the story though short left a couple moments of room for some twists in there. It's overall a solid composition and would play again. It almost has a short flash game portal feel to it like you find it in a mysterious location or something. So yeah, congratulations for that too. I attached an unrelated image. Cheers!

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Thanks! I hope to do some more stuff that continues in this sort of hellish object interaction style.

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nice horse! Nice fire propagation tech and emergent battle narrative! very far cry - esque

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Haha, I was a big fan of

Haha, I was a big fan of Anthony Burch when he wrote at Destructoid, so that probably came across.

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I also really enjoyed the

I also really enjoyed the sprite designs. The color pallete of this game was also very appealing to me. I enjoyed the sense of clumsy, chain-reaction chaos that was occuring. I felt like an animal in a state of flight that was clumsily knocking shit around in hopes to make the noise stop since I was trapped in it.

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Thanks for the comment! The horse is kind of a cubist interpretation of a Diego Rivera that isn't cubist lol.