The Wilfram's Last Stand


This is the sad tale of the last hours of the Wilframs.

In this game you control all four of them at once. They cannot move from their positions, but unlike other families they can aim in every direction. Use the mouse to direct where they should shoot.

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If Pigs Fly - Attempt 1


It's not well-known, but Anna Anthropy's When Pigs Fly took a lot of effort to create. For one thing, the act of getting pigs to fly is one of the hardest problems known to science. A number of attempts to make the pig character airborne were tested during development - some more successful than others. This is one of those tests.

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Daddy I'm Scared


"Kids, get in the car."
"Daddy, what are those noises?"
"Get in the car! Everyone in the car!"
"John, what's going on?"
"We're getting out of here. Come on, come on!"
"Daddy why's the car shaking?"
"John, please tell me what's happening!"
"Mommy stop shouting at Daddy!"

Left, right - turn wheel
Up - accelerator
An arrow indicates the direction of something loud.

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An event

Squid Boss Surprise


I have never made a game before. I wanted to use k n p like all the cool people but it just wouldn't run. So instead, construct. This isn't really finished, but I figure after two hours, it's finished enough.

Mash ctrl to shoot.

I hope it's not too late to take part in this glorious event.

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Pirate Kart 2
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