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Penguin Racing 3: Capture the Penguin (for Let-Off-Studios)

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Penguin Racing 3: Capture The Penguin was created for let-off-studios. I made it in my favorite engine, Scratch. My computer died 2 days ago so I'm on a brand new computer without my software to make this an executable or flash file, so in the meantime, please click the link to get the Scratch site and then the green flag to launch the game. It's nice and glitchy and I spent far too long making it and I'm pretty sure it will disappoint let-off-studios but, hey, I made it, and making it is half the battle.


WASD and arrow keys to control.
Goal: Get both of your penguins to the boss penguin together to win.
Good luck.

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MySharewareSoft Dubstep Maker Vista 2015


Apologies in advance. I had to blow off some steam.

To "win" the "game" go into Menu -> Export -> Windows Dubstep Movie Maker -> Internet_Exploder_9_TV_Spot.wpvfnu

Freesound credits: crispydinner; mikobuntu

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