Freddie Wong Dancing Skeleton Attack Infinity


Arrows or WASD to move
SpaceBar to shoot crap out of mouth

Goal: Kill skeletons, Make points

Extra Credit: Hold your breath until you beat the game. because that's definitely possible

Inspiration: I can't remember I was too drunk when I made this in between my wildly successful internet movies on the youtubes and the kickstarters

Freddie Wong, Narcissist at Law
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An event
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Eyeball 3D: Maze of Felsh


Made using a really awful program called The 3D Gamemaker. Because of this, you will probably have issues even running the game... let me know if you can get it working! If it says 'runtime error ###' or the screen starts flashing black and white at a rapid pace, know that it's an issue with the program I can do nothing about. EDIT: but you can! If running the game fails, delete directory C:\Windows\Temp\AckGame and it might start working. Thanks EffBee!

Play at your own risk, obviously.

If it won't run (or if you can't be bothered trying) I uploaded a video playthrough. If the game looks like this, you could try playing this version.

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An event
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Olympic Skeleton Cross


Olympic Skeleton Cross simulates the brand-new sport of Skeleton Cross, in which a skeleton goes head-first down a mountain on a sled. Can you get to the bottom of the mountain without crashing and/or dying? Probably fucking not!

Featuring the RJPhySE(tm) Realistic Jumping PHYSics and Shadow Effects engine!

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Pirate Kart 2

Water Water


A game for survivor types.

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Pirate Kart 2
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