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still slogging thru the muck

Alas, I'm still couch surfing and job hunting and hating being homeless. I wish I had a car but I don't have a license and this story of woe wouldn't exist.

Around the end of June I managed to get a callback for a job and I took it. It was a sales position for a security company. I went door to door, saying the same spiel over and over and no one wanted to buy. After a month of no sales (and lots of wasted time), I quit. Maybe no one wanted to buy from a woman, or people really don't like getting bothered by a door to door salesperson.

Fuck that shit. I hate working for da man anyway. I got all my gaming tools now and lots of time on my hands and a new place to crash. I've been scouring the job papers but there has been no jobs available in this town. Apparently it's a cosmic joke that I came here, away from the land of opportunity. While in San Francisco, I managed to find housing and a job within 2 weeks and I should have stayed. I got involved with a shady company and had a fall out with the people so now I'm stranded in this podunk place. I would like to get back to California or back home to St. Louis as soon as possible.

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Need a job... doing a trainwreck

I'm stuck in this city with no cash and no home (I'm couch surfing for now.) I decided that since I got a 3 day weekend ahead of me, I'm going to write a trainwreck and sell it. Ha! I just want to see what I can hammer out in 3 days. I can't find a job anywhere in this crappy city but I'm not ready to go back 'home' yet (I want to avoid my mom's couch again!)

I had many attempts before trying to hammer out games while keeping my eyes peeled for jobs but after a year's hunt, I used my tax refund to go on vacay, only to run out of cash and get a job that brought me to this city and I got into it with the people I work with (I don't like working with others, it seems) so now I'm stranded.

I keep getting flack from my family and friends that programming a game is stupid without extra schooling, Fuck school. I was bored to tears (maybe I'm so damn genius that I didn't need 16 weeks to learn algebra, how about 2 days? lolz)

I'm determined to finally get some games off the ground and make some money in doing what I love (altho using a game dev kit kinda is wonky than hard coding, I can always hammer out something in QB64 lolz or DarkBasic).

So this blog will chronicle my attempts. Let's see how this trainwreck goes!!!

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