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Internet Archive

Mostly thanks to SpindleyQ all my KNP games are now up on Internet Archive!


Not all of them work great (Colour2 and Castlevania 10 for example), but hopefully one day they will!

I wrote a little guide on how to get things up too: http://gamemakingtools.ryliejamesthomas.com/wiki/index.php?title=Distribution:Internet_Archive (pretty straightforward, it just took some detectiving to figure out how to tell IA to treat it like a thing to be emulated (Just takes some metadata tags))

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Wot I'm doin.... Upgraded (yay) and going legit

I got a new Android tablet from my sis so I can finally shut up about not having a real device to program on... kinda. I did have an Entourage Pocket Edge but that was too quirky to program on and no one uses Android 1.6--except me.

I'm too stuck on BASIC and I wish QB64 ran on Android. QuickBasic... wheeee, fun times. Then Visual Basic, ugh, nightmares....I have to dust off my HTML knowledge cos I haven't hard coded any HTML since HTML 3. I know, I'm ancient as hell :P I want to learn HTML5 and Java so I can make some online games... I wish I could just hammer out something in TGF, use Vitalize and be done with it, but I got to learn Flash... don't have to, but it's an option. All those braces scare me. I have nightmares of missing closing braces.

If only I could use KNP/TGF on this android tablet and go nuts. I'd crank out half finished games again, haha!

I was messing around with TGF2 Newgrounds version and was trying to decompile and hack the game I made, but after 2 days of eye bleeding code reading and brute force, I'm like forget it, I just need to write some PC games and sell em so I can go legit and buy the damn thing. I want to make a living making games so why not? I have a copy of DarkBasic. I should do something with it, right? I tried using AGK but damn it, it broke my machine. I couldn't get it compile for Android at all (and AGK is just like DarkBasic in syntax. The programmers swapped pararetheses for brackets, sneaky programmers.)

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