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4 bit assembly


i wanted to see how many instructions I could perform on 4 bits in flick.

see if you can figure out what they do!

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An event
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Fatty Rain


The rain always puts me in a contemplative mood. It gets me asking questions. Why is it raining hamburgers? What is wrong with my metabolism? Who installed all these toilets? And what does this all have to do with the Cattle Killer? I don't know if I'll ever find out the answer to these questions. All I know is that I need to keep on fighting.

Arrows: Move
Shift: Jump/Confirm

Credits: Uses Pencerkoff's fat guy sprite from Assemblee and a ton of KNP klip art. Flash port courtesy of bc_. I no longer remember where I got the MIDI versions of "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" and "Let The Rain Fall Down" from.

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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