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Happy 15th birthday, Glorious Trainwrecks!

I guess it's a belated birthday, because it's a little after midnight here. But that's probably fitting, because I recall deciding to launch Glorious Trainwrecks at like 2 in the morning when I really should have been in bed.

For many years this place was a refuge for me, a place I felt completely comfortable to be myself, to make mistakes, to try new things, and above all, to have a great time with friends. I don't spend a lot of time here anymore, but I think it has been and continues to be a place like that for a lot of other people too, and there is little that could possibly make me happier than that.

For the past couple of years I have been experimenting with strange game livecoding workflows in Lisp. For the 15th Anniversary Klik Jam I thought of a way I might be able to share a taste of that with everyone.

Edtris is, on the surface, a very boring game of Tetris. It doesn't keep score, it doesn't speed up, the rotation algorithm is wonky. But if you play for a bit and then press the "E" key... well, something a bit magic happens.

Developed on Linux and brought kicking and screaming into Windows - run the "Edtris - RUN ME.bat" file, not love.exe. Hopefully everything works right for you on Windows, I didn't test it super extensively.

Linux and Mac users, this should work for you as well - just install love2d, open a terminal, cd to the directory holding the game, and run "love ." Packaging it into a .love file doesn't quite make sense for reasons that may be clearer after messing with the game for a bit.

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Paxta Buxtor: Spexialty Go Unit (for Lynx)


this game turned out to be kind of a mess, but i hope you do enjoy.

description of game:
crush your enemies and collect all the coins. it's the life of a princess.
you get points by collecting the coins. you lose points by getting blown up. you also lose points by getting bumped, and you lose even more points when you get bumped or blown up while you have powerups. you should collect those powerups, though, and avoid touching anything unhelpful. if you die on zero or fewer points, it's game over! theoretically, though, you can finish the game with a negative score. if you're clever.

music featured is by abstraction!

arrow keys or wasd - move
space or z - fire your weapon
x or tab - switch between your weapons
p - pause the game
r - quick restart after game over

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