Captain Rollaboll

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Just started learning Unity, trying my hand at the Roll A Ball tutorial with a thrilling spaceventure.

Captain Rollaboll had no idea what to expect when he was chosen as the people's champion of the universe. Alone on a silent battlefield scarred by unknown architecture and strange monuments to forgotten wars, the captain must collect all the space orbs to prove that humanity is worth saving. The captain is a sphere.

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I was able to roll up one of

I was able to roll up one of the sticks a little and escape, so GJ!

Take a look at the included physics materials if you want to make the ball bounce off things when you hit them.

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i really liked the part

i really liked the part where you find the 13th piece of cheese! the demoscene look is super cool as well

Thanks! I really love that

Thanks! I really love that weird old 'object floating in space' look of 80's presentation animation.

Blueberry Soft!

Oh, awesome! I was hoping that would be possible! I just figured out how to crate a boundary down there with a fail state so I will update it when I have a sec. By included physics materials do you mean included in Unity or in your post?

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I think Blueberry Soft was

I think Blueberry Soft was talking about the physics materials included in the standard asset packages that come with Unity.

But if you don't have those, it's still super easy to make a physics material.

Just right click in your project window and click Create > Physics Material. Then adjust the values and name the new physics material. After that, just open up the ball game object in the inspector and drag the new physics material into the appropriate box on the collider component of the ball. Then you can continue to mess with the properties of the physics material until it has the appropriate level of bounciness!