City Life 2: Speed City Nights (And Days!!!!!!!!!)


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Pretty amazing. I assume

Pretty amazing. I assume it's working correctly.

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it's doing its best!

it's doing its best!

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I got a prison sentence that

I got a prison sentence that seemed equivalent to the lifespan of human society itself. Guess I deserved it, I ran over like 50 Doraemon.

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In the third play-through I

In the third play-through I embraced my ability to wedge myself through crowds rather than trying to come to a stop or avoiding dolphins. It was like pushing my finger against a 2-dimensional set of harp-strings with all the friction that implies (metaphorically).

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probably my favorite ihavefivehat game next to the dog one, I like them for different reasons, but I feel like they both push rpgmaker to different aesthetic limits