Cursed Gallery - Last Area

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A proposal for the last area in the Cursed Gallery KS collab level. It's only about 10 screens long for now.

* The mini-area ends at x1029y1010, which is intended to be a connection to the next segment.

* x1027y1006 can only be accessed with the Eye and the Double Jump (currently not placed anywhere, but you can test this using the level editor). This room could be used as a secret or easter egg.

Feel free to contribute in any way, either by posting a comment here (I'll try to update the first post with any links/attachments) or by importing this into the full level and editing it there (screens don't need to be relocated and there aren't any new COs, so it should be fairly simple to compile). Also, any feedback will be appreciated.

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Promising start! I feel like

Promising start! I feel like x1027y1007/8 and x1031y1008 could use an extra save point? I don't feel immediately compelled to continue this, so hopefully somebody else is keen to do some knytting.

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Thanks for the feedback! I

Thanks for the feedback! I added an extra save point to x1027y1007 and relocated the one at x1031y1008 so the player doesn't have to cross the same two filler screens over and over every time they fail the challenges.

I've also added an extra "transition" screen that fades to an empty canvas instead of a black screen (using tileset #255 from the full level). I think this makes more sense and also makes it easier to connect this sub-area to a completely different one.

Might want to have some

Might want to have some "press down" sign or CO near the doors? Not sure why they should quantize either
Also perhaps have a brief white flash CO in x1027y1007 that comes after you take the shift in x1027y1008, so the red spike block resetting doesn't look so jarring

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Thanks! I thought I had

Thanks! I thought I had checked the "Do not quantize" property on the door shift. Apparently, this wasn't the case. I've fixed that and added a simple CO below the door while I was at it.

I've also added an overly-complicated trick to make the transition between screens when pushing down the star block a bit more pleasant.

Slowly churning out another

Slowly churning out another part for this! Featuring a completely original Tileset 1 edit!

If those red pipes look familiar, chances are you already know the theme.

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Woo! Looking good!

Woo! Looking good!

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Neat! I especially like the

Neat! I especially like the pattern on the walls. It has a nice "bump-mapped" look to it, compared to the original. Looking forward to see the finished segment.