Ghost Witch

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In each stage, get your body to the exit. Switch to ghost form and abandon your body to make the cloud blocks disappear and let whatever's on top of them drop. Enemy ghosts can only pursue and hurt you while you're out of your body.

X: Jump
Z: Switch to ghost form
C: Return to body (while ghost is touching statue body)

Enjoy eight challenging levels of ghosty action!

John D. Moore
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An event


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I won!I like this. Some of

I won!

I like this. Some of the levels skew on the long side in terms of number of discrete actions needed to take before a challenge that could put you in a no win state, and I don't see a reason why entering and leaving the body can't be mapped to a single key, but overall it's nice and puzzly.

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Thank you! It's something I

Thank you! It's something I want to expand on. I'll probably make a bigger game of it after I finish my current big project.

I want entering and leaving a body to be mapped to one key! But it was giving me difficulties, and I didn't want to waste any more time on the technical challenges and just wanted to start designing the levels for the game before my self-allotted 3.5 hours was up. That's the reason. I'm sure there's some fairly obvious workaround that didn't occur to me in that moment.