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1hgj - Scanner Kitty


SCANNER KITTY, a game made for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was One Control.

Press the SPACEBAR to mind-blast the mice before they steal all your cheese. It takes mind power to do so, but your energy constantly replenishes.

Only had an hour to do this, but still I'm most pleased with the sprites I came up with in that time.

Built in Clickteam Fusion.
SFX made in BFXR.
Background music by DST/Diseased Superior Technician and downloaded from the website.


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George was a man fascinated with his dreams. He wondered, what caused them? What were they trying to tell him?
But one day, he had a dream that was out of the ordinary.

Shift- Jump
Arrow Keys- Move

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Ghost Witch


In each stage, get your body to the exit. Switch to ghost form and abandon your body to make the cloud blocks disappear and let whatever's on top of them drop. Enemy ghosts can only pursue and hurt you while you're out of your body.

X: Jump
Z: Switch to ghost form
C: Return to body (while ghost is touching statue body)

Enjoy eight challenging levels of ghosty action!

John D. Moore
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When the world was young, and only one man and woman walked the Earth, I can't help but feel that they were surely very, very immature to each other. Especially over a biological difference so immediately obvious.

In case it wasn't clear, this is basically Donkey Kong with urine.

EDIT: Fixed incomplete controls listing on title screen.

EDIT2: Fixed no music in Windows.

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