Oh Man Go Time Gaiden: Gaiden

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A spin-off based on a few of the rooms in Healy's Oh Man Go Time Gaiden, which was itself a spin-off of my level Oh Man Go Time. Angry Sonata, also by Healy, was another source of inspiration.

Basically, I wanted to submit three games in a row with gaiden in the title.

Special thanks to Fabien Porée's mysterious friend for making the data corrupter I used for some of the graphics.

Originally made for Klik of the Month Klub #57, but transplanted into Pirate Kart V.

Sergio Cornaga
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An event


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I feel pretty ashamed of not

I feel pretty ashamed of not having finished OMGTG1, now that it has its own fangame. Also shameful: I have no idea how to beat this.

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You have to cheat. Looking

You have to cheat. Looking reeeeal close at the background in one room can help you if you don't know how to. It's a pretty dumb trick!

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I froze my computer my

I froze my computer my accidentally pressing random buttons.