Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide

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This is a multiplayer interpretation on the classic novel. If you have a split personality like the character(s) in this book, you can play it by yourself and see which of you wins.

This game also has a specific peripheral required to play. Included in the game is a PDF showing you how to prepare and protect your keyboard.

This was made for the last Global Game Jam. This game is only posted here by the way. NYU hosted it and had several different awards one being best "Trainwreck" and the other being best "peripheral". Because I only post my games here I went real hard to represent. I was nominated for both, but didn't win. The Trainwreck award went to a game called "Shia LaBeouf ate my hands".

This game is dedicated to Andrew Yoon who I sat next to for most of the jam who recently died, and my friend Shawn Bradford who was a subconscious inspiration for the peripheral.


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The pdf was, exciting, to

The pdf was, exciting, to say the least.

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to say the least

"to say the least: to not describe something in the strongest way you could, often in order to be polite"

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I have an ex-library

I have an ex-library keyboard I don't care too much about and I'm considering trying this. Can you tell me more about what the peanut butter achieves?

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It makes an already mechanically frustrating and confusing game now physically frustrating, confusing, sticky, and smelly.


This game is totally bonkers! I really need to get someone to play it with and a keyboard to graffiti with peanut butter but even messing around with it by myself on a clean keyboard I had a lot of fun (perhaps being alone is even more appropriate since it's Jekyl and Hyde)! I'm especially fond of hectic dodging and shared buttons so this hit all those triggers for me.

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But, were you alone? Thanks for playing dude!