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Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide


This is a multiplayer interpretation on the classic novel. If you have a split personality like the character(s) in this book, you can play it by yourself and see which of you wins.

This game also has a specific peripheral required to play. Included in the game is a PDF showing you how to prepare and protect your keyboard.

This was made for the last Global Game Jam. This game is only posted here by the way. NYU hosted it and had several different awards one being best "Trainwreck" and the other being best "peripheral". Because I only post my games here I went real hard to represent. I was nominated for both, but didn't win. The Trainwreck award went to a game called "Shia LaBeouf ate my hands".

This game is dedicated to Andrew Yoon who I sat next to for most of the jam who recently died, and my friend Shawn Bradford who was a subconscious inspiration for the peripheral.


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The Square


Just a little prototype of a game im working on.

2 Powerups for now, "Low-Jump" and "High-Jump" wich can be used by holding 'd' or 'a' if they are collected.

Control with arrow-keys.

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Saucer Sandy's Moon Escape


Windows and HTML5 versions now available!

This is a randomly-generated space dungeon arena shooter. Help Saucer Sandy escape this prison moon by fighting various bosses and collecting powerups.

This is loosely inspired by Hero Core, The Binding of Isaac, You Have To Win The Game, Clu Clu Land, and my old game Heart of Gold.

Music by Heatbeat. Font by codeman38.

I choose to believe that my working several hours overtime on this will make up for everyone else's sparse showing this month.

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PowerUp Man!


You're stuck in invalid memory and must keep your health topped up by collecting powerups missed by players of other games, if you run out of hp the garbage collector will COLLECT YOU!! D:

Like A Sir DLC pack also available... whut

Adrian Gordon
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A Half Decent Shooter? *GASP!*


Oh,hey! I made a GOOD game for once.
Ok,it's not SUPER great,but it's a real game rather than a stupid joke game.

Controls are the same as most of my games. Z is to attack,arrow keys to move,etc.
This game has powerups,3 to be exact. The first one is a 3-way shot,the second one is a bomb (You get how that works),and there's a bubble shield that takes 3 hits before it goes away.

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