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Seven stages of puzzle platforming purple-and-greenness.

Get to the exit!

Jump on green blocks (X key) and press up and down to grow and shrink the blocks.

Don't crush yourself, get lazered, or fall into the spikes!

John D. Moore
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An event


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I won with 34 deaths!

I won with 34 deaths!

I found that I could usually tell exactly what the solution was, but had a lot of difficulty executing it. Adjusting the blocks to be pixel-perfect then jumping without dying and such. There's nothing wrong with this, though. Emphasis on the platformer part rather than the puzzle part is totally valid, and probably more fun to make a game around.

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Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! I was struggling to come up with clever puzzles (and more novel levels) without adding more gameplay elements. So I settled on more platforming-oriented challenges.


I won after 11 deaths.

Stage 5 was definitely the toughest for me to work through. And there was one level where I realized I would squish my head...! How tragic.

The sprite was adorable. Very fun! :)