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Portal 2 ARG: The Videogame


Are YOU a nerd? Do YOU want to perform repetitive time-consuming tasks in order to feel like you're part of some kind of community 'happening'? Can YOU think of nothing better to do with your time than to stress over whether a game that has taken 4 years to make will be released this week or next week? You should probably go and take part in the Portal 2 ARG!

But what's that you say? You don't own any of the games? Your internet connection is unreliable? You hate real-world metagames and only engage in play within videogames? Well I have good news for you: the Portal 2 ARG has now been adapted into a HOME VIDEOGAME!

WATCH as a status bar gradually ticks down to the game's release date!
CLICK on potatos (haha! HOW WHIMSICAL!) to hasten the bar's progress!
ASK yourself why you bothered this time next week when you could have finished the game anyway!

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Mario Power Paintbrush


Walk to Toadstool's elegant charity ball while collecting as many sparkling coins as possible.

* Left click - extend the road.
* Space - run.

This game is more fun if you draw plenty of loops.

Inspired by that Kirby game for the DS, and possibly those other line riding games.

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Memory Improved


This is an improvement of the classic solitaire matching game, Memory. Whereas in the original you could only reveal one card at a time, this game lets you see the 8 cards surrounding the card you chose. Also, the victory condition is now considerably less tedious than in the original, which required all of the cards to be matched. Instead, matching cards gradually reveals a password hidden beneath the playing field. Enter the password as soon as you can see what it is, and you've won the round. Faster games, with less needless and aimless clicking, is Memory Improved's promise.

"Diddled Bits" font by Anne Thoreau P.

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Don't Klik The Moon


My first KotM! Hooray!

This game is about clicking and the Moon. You probably shouldn't click the Moon.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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click to play! press R to restart!

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Pirate Kart 2
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