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For some reason I opened Klik & Play and... I made this. I really don't know why. It's about giant bugs.

This game has processor-intensive per-pixel collision detection that simulates, with excruciating detail, hundreds of bugs clambering on top of one another! Thus, it requires hardware-accelerated fizzicks to run at full speed. Get hyper! Get Aieegyah! The Aieegyah Hyper Fizzicks Processor!

An artgame about the horrors of war.


This is an untitled artgame about the horrors of war. There is no way to win. This game also features death, which is a complex moral choice never attempted before by any medium. This is the only alternative you have besides witnessing the horror you have unleashed and all the lives you have taken. Again, please be aware that this game is art.

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