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Hat Game


You can try on all of my hats!! Wow!

i've never made a game before, but i was really inspired by all the people on this website who make short little games all the time, and i was like, wow, i could totally do that too. i hope its ok for me to just post this here. also, i don't know if this will work for you. it works for me in chrome.

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Hats are a feature!

Thanks for checking this out, this is my latest visual novel masterpiece Dratmask. It is a beast in size and without enough oomph even on my powerful netbook i've seen it do weird things like characters disappear and the like, so ....

This is dratmask, the plot is ... spoiler, it's a vn. Uhh, it's sort of like 2nd place as it's the sequel, and the song that gets played after 2nd place, so it's naturally a longer song so the game is longer. A lot more work went into this one.

Also if the game crashes after the second song is done playing, that's normal. That's the end of the game. I don't know how to make that not normal, but this is okay. I may make some noise on the forums and ask real nicely and provide them with the sauce and whatnot.

Major thanks go to:
Erik for supplying the engine http://visualnovelty.com/index.html
Mr. T for supplying some voices
Mikan of http://skimlines.com for supplying "Wendy" and in the first vn "Peter"
scribb0 for the character grog this time around http://destructocon.com/
gen8's Anime Face Maker 2 http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/289/5/5/anime_face_maker_2_by_gen8-d30uny4.swf
xdanond's Anime Character Maker 2 http://www.kongregate.com/games/xdanond/anime-character-maker-2

disclaimer: opening the sauce 7z file is spoiler and was meant to do after the game, but i might have been to vague on hinting the password, so yeah, change order there at your own discretion.

VIP thanks:
TTTPPP, Madtom, Scribbit, Goldenhog, Newt, and Bagofmagicfood.

Spindleyq, linhat, cclemon, effbee, pirate_sephiroth, erokky, true, mrsparkle, ray, mojofltr, noyb, orion, oswald, surlent, mizzq, spyroboy, tonyb486, uhh my brother hat, and paul/davr0s

BC_, Scribblewise
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Sniper City Shoot Out


The City is filled with snipers! Only YOU have the skillz to hunt them down.

Use Mouse to aim, LMB or SPACE to shoot and Mouse Wheel or Z/X to ZOOM.

Update: Fixed some graphics problems, inproved the controls, added difficulty and pause. Generally much more playable.

Also, entirely true fact, I've been kidnapped and replaced by bees. Not sure what's with that.

Update: Did a deal with the bees, 400 hundred weight of chutney and they let me go. Luckily I have some earwig friends who could get me it cheap.

Tam Toucan
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Very mans hat adventure


This isn't for any event (except in the past). I was browsing around and remembered that I made 2 games here before the site got the actual game submitting form and game lists. Might as well add them now.

you are a very man and you are going to your favorite restaurant
the thing is, you have to be wearing a fancy hat to get in!

theres been a word lately that theres hat bandits in the highways and
you have to go just through those ways to get there!
whack those pesky hat robbers into oblivion and go eat your hat food!!

(the only way to beat the game is to rapidly mash the punch button to fend the bandits off. 90% of the time it will glitch though and you're better off trying to [bad metaphor] a [bad metaphor] than beating this thing)

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