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Olson's Journey


Olson's Journey is the new masterpiece by the creators of Inception and bread.

Take part in Olson's Journey and discover vast landscapes.
Solve puzzles, tons and tons of puzzles
Be amazing
Like olson himself.

-Most longest game
-Enviromentally correct
-Hours and hours of gameplay
-You might just take forever to finish it if you don't figure out the puzzles
-So theoretically endless playtime for you
-Olson is a pretty man

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An event
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Pretty In Space


The theme was space and I had a pretty good idea, but I spent most of the (3.5 hours) working on making it pretty and not enough time for the gameplay, which is non existant. I think I'll work on it a bit more but for now you can fly through space and it's all pretty.

Made For: 
An event
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