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Prof. EagleEye 7


The Prof. has betrayed you.
Or has he? He is usually a very loyal and considerate person.
We will just have to wait and see what happens, no? No.

-6 New dimensions, and they are all amazing.
-Incredible ending that will knock anyone's socks off.
-So many differences - you won't know what hit you!
-A whole new type of gameplay...what could it be!??!?!
-The prof. is amazing
-Now in HD!
-123% good

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Prof. EagleEye 6


Would you believe it? The Prof.'s story continues.
His death has been a shock to everyone,
but what happens now has never been seen before.

-The ultimate EagleEye experience: Now in 720p.
-Dayum, brotha - Will Smith after hearing the good news
-So many differences
-5 new dimensions, more than ever before!
-Everyone likes it
-Lush environments
-The start of a new journey

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Prof. EagleEye 4


The Prof. is not done finding differences, oh no.
Not even close.
His newest adventure brings him to the edge of the universe.

-So many differences
-Less of a black sheep in the series than MUHAMMAD 4
-More differences than in the first and third one
-Less differences than in the second one
-All shiny and new
-A lot harder than the other ones because everything is mirrored thanks to Noyb being mean
-The prof would beat Noyb in finding differences

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