Aesop Fable


Multiplayer game based on that fable about the wind and the sun and a guy with a coat.

Picture of coat from user janestarz on Flickr, CC-BY-NC license

Darius Kazemi
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Peter Molyneux's URQUEST


On the advice of a friend, I decided to throw my hat into this 'glorious train wreck' event. Considering the short amount of time allowed, I approached this game with the intent of shattering the expectations of a genre. But what genre? The quest, of course. The well from which all games draw from. Quests you have seen before are static, unsatisfying: each has a beginning, a middle, an end. Exposition, action, and denouement. What if there was something more?

There now is. I abolished all such crude approximations of reality in favour of a more holistic approach: the game only dies when you do. You could run this game on a dedicated computer and, every morning, continue in your quest, until the day you finally expire. I wished to also express the intriguing contrast between man and trees: we move around, always in a hurry, always someplace to be. Trees are not like us; they are idle, cursed to a life of constant reflection. And yet, we both die. What if the trees were just like us? In this game, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on life itself, just as the trees do. Please do not squander it. Play this game as slowly as you can, and explore the thousands of options and choices it provides. You will also, of course, require a sword. But to craft one, you will need to destroy the prerequisite amount of trees -- your only allies, your emotional counterpart. This is what we in the industry call "moral choices". Crafting weapons from wood, I should not have to say, is borrowed from the early nineties adventure game "Robinson's Requiem".

Any quest, of course, requires enemies. Your enemies here are all red, unsightly creatures that shamble around the world in a state of perpetual confusion. A commentary on racism and the over-reliance of psycho-stimulant drugs on our children? That is for you to decide. The story in this game, implied, and never outright stated, rewards those who lean in for a closer look. Make no mistake: you will experience emotions during this game. All of them.

All this forms my newest classic: URQUEST. A fitting title -- implying it is the first quest, despite following so many others. That is because this is the beginning of a new era in quests, in adventures, in games. URQUEST could be the greatest game you've ever played, or the worst. The choice is yours.

What will you decide?

(Please excuse the crudity of the illustration; I had only forty percent of the 3D models rendered and bumped before the allotted two hours had expired and was forced to use 'pixel art'.)

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True Art


Can you pulls the lever? Yes, you can, but don't waste your time.

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Build Your Own Bob Dylan


Ever wanted your own rambling gambling doomed poet? WELL NOW YOU CAN!
Build Your Own Bob Dylan features infinite hours of exciting gameplay!
Place hair, cigarettes, weed, and more!
Enjoy high-tech renditions of your favorite Bob Dylan classic, "Like a Rolling Stone!"
Play Now!

Marek Kapolka
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Perfect Life - Boy's Life


it's the truth............

handsome stephen!!
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You Have to Put the Racially Progressive Message in the Funnybook

noun_in_noun cover.png

Yet another entry in the storied "You Have to Put the Noun in the Other Noun" series, this one pays tribute to the late, great Dwayne McDuffie, who died a year ago today. The sharp-eyed will note that this is kind of a sucky tribute to the man, and I'd agree. I wish I could say something witty and profound here, but all I can do is link this and hope that most of you will find it as amusing as I do.

(Oh, and before I forget: You'll need an interpreter to play this game. I recommend Zoom for the Mac, and Windows Frotz or Gargoyle for Windows.)

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fafafafafa Math Challenge


Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Can you solve math? What would you do for love?

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The Adventure of Skatre Dued


Lol I maded this in klik and play enstaed of Gaem
Makerer cause its what everyone else lieks to use for dis gaem kart and cause its easyer to use .

(Seriously,though,Klick and Play and The Games Factory 2 are surprisingly easier to use than Game Maker!)
(Inspired by Thunder Dragon's Waligie Games.)

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a game for the igf.

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