Washy's Watery Wonderland

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A marker game inspired by Yoshi's Whaley World.

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An event


this was really nice, the

this was really nice, the graphics were super comfy and i really liked the exploration!

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Very calming, makes great

Very calming, makes great contrast with Yoshi's Whaley World.
It's seeing the ocean from two people's completely different perspectives.

Also really appreciating all of these marker games you've been making, great work!

Exploratory Vibe

The way this game works, it seems like you could continue to add more and more content to it, and it would feel completely natural. Almost like a Knytt's Stories sandbox game in a custom engine.

Lovely game. :)

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This is so good! Thank you!

This is so good! Thank you! I liked the friendly creature at the bottom of the dark cave. I also appreciate that you included re-boarding the sub!